Stove Seal

Stove Seal is a ready to use premium, fireproof, non-shrinking, non- cracking, acid resistant, refractory cement designed for sealing, repairing and bonding fireplaces, furnaces, stoves, fireboxes, flue pipes, fire bricks, kilns, ducts, heater, boilers and other extreme high temperature applications.  Stove Seal can be used to bond rope to combustion chamber doors and many other furnace applications.


  • Easy clean-up with water (before it cures)
  • Non-Shrinking: will not shrink or crack during curing
  • Paintable: can be painted with commonly used paint, including epoxy (for best results allow 72 hours at full temperature to cure before painting)
  • Contains no asbestos or PCB’s
  • Non-toxic
  • Black in color

Available in

  • 10.5 oz Tube